Ever hear of Pungo Ferry?

May 19, Friday, Day 39, ICW MM 30 – Pungo Ferry, VA

We knew this morning that we weren’t up for another 70+ mile day and that there was a malfunctioning bridge at mile 15 would stop us.  So it was a pancake day and then we took the time to replace the engine room insulation on two floor panels. We’ve had the (expensive) insulation for while but just hadn’t gotten around to attaching to the underside of some of the salon flooring. (The salon teak floor has about 5 large and 3 small sections that lift up and provide access to various areas of the engine room. There should be sound insulation on all of the panels, but two panels were missing it.)

With Wesley coming on the boat with us soon we needed to get the box of insulation out of the guest v-berth = motivation. It shouldn’t have been so difficult except Dirk had to pull out over  40 one inch heavy staples left over from previous jobs and it was also very hot in the cabin.

After that effort we cleaned up and were on our way.  The cruising was initially in broad waters and then narrowed to another wide, straight canal. At the town of Coinjock we were invited to join in a meal with all the other boats waiting for word that the bridge  20 miles up had been fixed. We hear there’s a good restaurant there, but we waved and went on our way.  We later saw a large Coast Guard vessel, complete with a machine gun on the bow!

There were only a few recommended anchorages before the broken bridge (which has been fixed now) so we stopped in one with a number of other boats already enjoying the small creek. We were having a challenge finding ourselves a deep enough spot and debating how to adjust our anchorage, when a fisherman  in bass boat when by. “You stayin’ overnight?” “Yes…” ” Well, there will be about 40 bass fishermen in this creek tomorrow at sunrise, just so you know. I’ll tell them to be nice to you.”  With that warning, we decided to find another spot. I couldn’t image trying to leave the creek and dodging all those bass boats!

In less than a mile we found a safe spot, not much off the ICW and near a bridge, and right now all is peaceful and quiet. But earlier we saw, heard and then felt the thunderstorm. You can really see them coming in these low lands. Turns out it moved off pretty quickly so no drama to report. Whew!

One thought on “Ever hear of Pungo Ferry?

  1. Read something about the area you’re going through – about the lost colony of Roanoke, settled in 1570 or thereabouts, and then abandoned when the leader returned 3 years later…
    Archaelogists have not yet found where that colony was.

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