Marina stop today

Tuesday May 30, day 50, Solomons Island area off Chesapeake Bay

Well, our hopefully protected anchorage didn’t work out so well last night. The boat started rolling a little as we went to sleep, but the waves and rolling increased during the night such that the rolling and noise of water slapping on the boat work us up around 5am and there was no more sleep after that.

At about 6:30am we gave up, and rapidly completed our readiness preparation, hoping that once we were on the bay it would be calm enough to continue north. Well, it wasn’t. We keep going into the bay for about 10 minutes, but there was so much jostling that Dirk turned the boat around and we headed for the protected area of the town of Solomons Island, 2 miles from where we anchored out last night. Short trip today, resulting in negative miles! I started calling around and found a marina with availability at the right price and services. So here we are at the Calvert Marina. It’s not fancy, but has showers, laundry and nice slips, plus nice people that helped us tie up.

After settling in I decided to walk to the nearest grocery store – about 1.5 miles, and visited parts of a sculpture garden on the way.

A Lyft ride brought me back to boat where we finished a few loads of laundry, ate  lunch, and walked around the area a bit.  We wanted to see some of the town and requested both Lyft and Uber rides – no response! Fortunately a NOAA surveyor hear our woes and drove us as far as his hotel where we got the name of an independent wild card driver – Bert! He took us to the small town and dropped us off at a Tiki bar. We took pictures, ate a good meal elsewhere (CD Cafe) and are now back at the boat. Sure hope the weather improves for tomorrow.

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