On the Trent Severn Waterway (TSW)

August 17, Thursday, Lock 1 to Campbellford ON

We are happy to be at the beginning of the next Canadian historic waterway – the Trent- Severn between Lake Ontario and the Georgian Bay.

Inkedlocks on the TSW_LI

We slept well our first night on the TSW. The dock below the lock was a beautiful place and there was only one potential challenge to sleep -can you see it?


Fortunately we have gotten used to nearby trains and it didn’t bother us. The scenery along the way included cottages, RV parks and farms on the river, as well as a shallow area where water grass was in touching distance.

We made our way to the lock just before Campbellford, as it was said to be only a 15 minute walk to that town. There is also a Suspension Bridge at the lock that deserved a visit.

After settling in we decided to walk to town via the bridge as there was a trail, part of the Trans Canadian Trail,  mentioned in a few places that would go right to the heart of Campbellford. I wish I had taken the picture of the map below before we started.

Dirk didn’t look at the map and I did and insisted I knew the way to town that was supposed to be a 15 minute walk. About 45 minutes later (at least) we found the town. Boy did I eat crow and then bought Dirk a nice fancy dinner (the place had tablecloths!).

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