Georgian Bay – Out in the Open!

September 8, Friday –  Port Severn to Hope Island Anchorage on Georgian Bay

We got our boat concerns checked out this morning by Gord. He said that although there may be some issue in the port engine it was likely that using a heavier oil and something called “Lucas oil” will take care of it in the short term, and maybe the long term as well.  Dirk and Gord got the supplies, put the oil in the port engine and and we were soon underway (as soon as the laundry was dry (free laundry at Starpoint Marina!)). We completed our last river lock – a nice one as they all are in Canada, and then threaded our way through a channel to the great Georgian Bay.

Because of the colder weather we reluctantly decided to give the east side of Georgian Bay with its 10,000 islands and the highly regarded North Channel a pass so that we can move south a bit sooner.

So here we are, traversing this huge bay, with waves/swells between 2 & 3 feet in 55 degrees! Whee! I slowly added more layers as we entered the big waters until I had 3 layers on my bottom half and 4 on the top. Only my hands and ears were chilly. We also put on our life jackets and I decided to stand on the flybridge and roll/dance with the swells for my comfort at one point. I also took ½ of a  bonine tablet (sea sickness prevention).


Georgian Bay is to the right of Lake Huron. We will only be crossing the top of Lake Huron and then will travel down Lake Michigan on one side of the other (not the middle!). We are waiting to hear weather predictions for later next week before we decide.


I’ve been reviewing our guide books and Active Captain looking for anchorages or marinas along the way so we can plan our next few days on the big water. We hope to get to Mackinaw Island (near the junction of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron) Monday evening (3 days)– we’ll see.

Tonight’s anchorage is next to Hope Island – a very pretty spot with a sandy beach and some trails (I hear) and one other boat anchored here. It’s somewhat protected but the boat will definitely be rocking us to sleep tonight!

3 thoughts on “Georgian Bay – Out in the Open!

  1. So sad you are skipping the North Channel. Possibly the most scenic and spectacular area of the Great Lakes. And more sheltered. Stay safe on the open water.

  2. Just visited Mackinack Island a couple of weeks ago. If you get chance rent bikes and do the coastal loop round the island – it only takes an hour and is very scenic.

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