Another Long Day to Ludington

September 14, Thursday – from Leland to Ludington MI on the eastern side of Lake Michigan (the western side of the state of Michigan – it’s confusing at times)

We again arose early with the sun and were on our way. The day started out clear but as we seemed to be traveling into clouds as we headed south.

Soon we began to see more of the sand dune shorelines I have been reading about. It seems like the entire shore line is full of very high sand dunes and some areas have dunes 450 feet or more high. The photos below are from the area know as the Sleeping Bear (it was still foggy).

We continued to see more amazing dunes  (and a higher swells) as the day continued.

We finally arrived in Ludington, after our longest travel day yet. The last hour was a little rough and we were feeling tired, but a number of friendly folks greeted us at the docks, we settled in and took a walk to see the town. It’s much bigger than Leland, and looks like an interesting place to explore since we might stay a while due to predicted high winds for tomorrow.

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