Wind is keeping us in Port

Friday, September 15, Still in Ludington, MI

After some optimistic and pessimistic thinking we decided we need to stay put until the winds die done on Lake Michigan. It may be two or three days based on current predictions. We’ll see some towns by road that we wouldn’t have a chance to visit due to the need to cover distance when the winds are right.

We started by going out to breakfast – haven’t done that for a while, and saw some of the Ludington marina sculptures on way. I then walked along the breakwater to the lighthouse to check the swells in the lake – and enjoy to the warm day.


We were able to rent a car locally and drove to the marina town of Pentwater, and enjoyed lunch and some unusual shops there.

We also drove along back roads that turned out to be up and down and around the old dunes that were now covered with trees, vegetation and some interesting homes with high views of the Lake Michigan.

Around 7pm, back at our boat, we heard a number of very loud boat horns and watched the large, old passenger and vehicle ship Badger came past us after its cross-lake trip to Wisconsin. It is the last coal-fired passenger vessel operating in the United States and is a Nat’l Historic Landmark. It is huge – and surprising to see among all the normal size boats in the harbor.



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