Wonderful weather to Havana!

October 8, Sunday, Peoria to Havana, IL, aka Quiver Island Anchorage

Yesterday Peru, today Havana- world travelers! OK, it’s Havana, Illinois on the Illinois river. The weather couldn’t have been better today and the river was beautiful as well, mostly with serene scenery but also with some interesting river structures.

We treated ourselves to a buffet breakfast in Peoria while healthy triathlon runners passed us on the streets and then headed south. We then pushed off, and after a bridge and around corner we discovered where some of the noise and slight smell was coming from in Peoria.

The river showed off all day.

An old lock wall was interesting…

This old Garvey Marine Landing caught my attention.

I also enjoyed seeing dredging done on the river.

We had a group of five cruisers traveling together for a short time today as we went through the Peoria lock. We separated based on preferred speeds, and now there are three of us in this lovely anchorage behind Quiver Island.


One thought on “Wonderful weather to Havana!

  1. Loving your post, feels like i am travelling this journey with you….
    Wishing you both a happy Canadian thanksgiving 🦃

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