Banks of the Ohio

October 20 and 21, Friday and Saturday; Kaskaskia to Little River Diversion Channel then to the Ohio River

October 20, Friday, was almost our last day on the Mississippi. Of course I took a few photos of tugs and tows, plus a green “can” in the the river to show the current that was pushing as along at great speeds (13mpg).

And we saw what we think are stocks along a sand bar and swarming above us…


The river was mostly rural until we came to the town of Girardeau, which looked like a nice town to visit but there are no docks we could use to stop and take a look.

We spent the night with other boaters in a small river anchorage off the Mississippi mentioned a number of times by others in the looper’s forum called Little River Diversion Channel. It was much quieter and calmer than I expected – a perfect spot for the night. We anchored together with Chad and Michelle of S/V Certain Way which allowed Dirk to teach them Cribbage and for us to learn a new card game in the evening – Euchre. It’s a game with bidding and trump played with partners but only 24 cards. Fun and quick.

Today, Saturday, we reached our first possible anchorage around 12:30 (too early)  so we decided to continue up to the Ohio River and the first lock. We said hello to the Ohio and goodbye to the Mississippi as the Queen of the Mississippi continued toward New Orleans.

Tonight we are anchored on the “Banks of the Ohio”, which is also a traditional song I have been practicing on the ukulele. There are three of us loopers still traveling together and we will get started around 7:30 am to increase our chances of getting through the next 3 locks by the afternoon. The third lock on the Ohio (#52) has been closed or very slow in getting tows and boats like ours through because of flood conditions last week.


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