Demopolis, Alabama

November 7 & 8; Tuesday and Wednesday, Demopolis, AL

We had a good long day of travel yesterday and made it to our destination easily by about 3pm.  I had thought we’d anchor out again but we weren’t held up by the locks and had some help from the river current as well. The morning light was beautiful, and later we encountered a lot of weeds along the way, but were able to dodge them.

As we headed to the marina in Demopolis we saw the White Cliffs of Epps and the White Cliffs of Demopolis. Both of these are from the same time period as the White Cliffs of Dover and also composed mainly of chalk! Quite a site.

Once we were settled at our slip we caught up with a number of loopers from previous stays, and later joined a group going out to dinner – 18 of us! Why are there so many loopers in one place? First because we are bringing up the tail end of northern cruising, since the northern Michigan boaters don’t want to leave home during their summer. But we are all in this one marina because it is the only one around!  There just aren’t any other large marinas for 216 miles. A van shuttled us back and forth to the restaurant for $5/person – we all went to the local Red Barn – excellent! The inside was definitely old barn too.

Today is about laundry and picking up provisions for the next 5 days or so on the river as well as getting some local info on the good anchorages along the way. We also picked some cotton from the nearby cotton field. Note the covered slips and Dirk doing the dishes in our little galley.


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