Mobile area before visiting Lantana, FL

January 14 & 15 in Mobile, AL area

On Sunday we went to the Unitarian Fellowship church in Fairhope across the bay (by rental car). Dirk came because the ‘service’ was a discussion about solving the mystery of aviator Amelia Earhart’s disappearance over the Pacific ocean eighty years ago. Dr. Lew  Toulmin is a world traveler and highly interested in discovering Amelia’s actual crash landing site in the Pacific so much so that he went on an expedition to the uninhabited Nikumaroro island in the Republic of Kiribati last year which he believes is her final resting place. It was a fascinating hour and while we chatted with people afterwards I also learned that the church has a ukulele group that plays weekly at the church!

It being so continually chilly, we’ve decided to visit Sarah and family in West Palm Beach for a week or so. Before we left, I took some photos of the marina surrounds.

Walking around the marina area…

I visited the  Fairhope church the day after the Amelia service to play with their Ukulele group

We also watched some new boater friends (Kris and Roger) leave the marina after their boat was stuck in shallow mud for a few days  – they were just barely free of it.

And then we left Tuesday the 16th for the 9-10 hour drive to Lantana, with a stop over in Ft Pierce so we could arrive by around 9am on Wednesday and take care of our grandson while his parents worked. A entirely different adventure!

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