Visiting family and friends in Florida

January 30, 2018 Mobile, AL

We’ve returned from our week and a half visit to Sarah, her husband Chris and our grandson Arden in Lantana FL. Dirk and I did the daycare for Arden for a week and a half and happily spent wonderful days with him. He’s 2 yrs, 3 mos now, and learning and understanding so much more on a daily basis. So amazing and fun…

So just a few of the many Arden related photos follow…

We left Lantana on Sunday the 28th and were fortunate to be able to stop and stay overnight with boat friends in Apalachicola – John and Dodie of Barefoot Lady, now of Apalachicola. What a lovely town that is, and I’ll take some photos when we cruise there in the coming week.

We traveled much of the way back to Mobile on scenic roads along the gulf coast and stopped a bit for a rest and photos. It’s a beautiful area…





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