Anchoring out near Pensacola Bay

Thursday, February 1, Anchored off of Santa Rosa Island near Pensacola Bay

We finally left Turner Marine after docking the boat there for over 10 weeks from just before Thanksgiving. The temperature was finally in the 60s and the wind was just a breeze (after two days of blowing). We waited until the tide was rising around 11am, got a pumpout and fuel, and off we went for a 3+ hour cruise across the large Mobile Bay. It was getting towards sunset when we finally entered the Intracoastal Waterway, called the GIWW (Gulf Intracoastal Water Way) now. Fortunately there was a recommended anchorage not too far from the entrance where we stayed the night.

Photos: Last morning at Turner, heading out to the bay, and first night anchorage…

Today we traveled on the GIWW through Gulf Coast towns in Alabama and finally entered Florida in Perdido Bay. The weather started out warm but turned chilly in the afternoon – in the 50’s – which is cold when boating outside. But it was interesting as we are now in the area of cute summer cottages, impressive summer villas and huge condo buildings as we move along the waterways. There are also working marinas and construction barges.

The first photo has interesting structures – not sure what they are for. The boat that looks like an RV is exactly that! Never saw one of these before.

In Perdido Bay, beyond all the tourist area, the sand dunes are on both the inside bay and Gulf coast.



2 thoughts on “Anchoring out near Pensacola Bay

  1. Hi wandering star, those cement structures you photographed are eventually going to be artificial reefs dropped somewhere in the gulf.

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