The Crossing: Part I and II

February 13 and 14, Monday and Tuesday; to Steinhatchee and Cedar Key FL

Yesterday we traveled about 70 miles across the Gulf of Mexico to Steinhatchee Florida. We had anchored out in Alligator Bay overnight to save about 10 miles and were glad we did. Although we thought wind and waves wouldn’t be too much for us, the swells were just high enough from the wrong direction to cause me some queasiness. I took a 1/2 Bonine  (like Dramamine) and sat comfortably down outside on the bow. I enjoyed the ride, sitting on our comfy chair cushion, eyes closed, half snoozing while the boat rocked me. Worked for me but Dirk had a long day.

At one point he shouted and there were dolphins all around us and they stayed with us for about 5 minutes. His photos are here. I was on the bow so could see them swimming under as well as on top of the water.


We stayed at a marina after all. We were going to anchor out, but the likely spots were already full of sailboats and there was an opening at an easy-to-reach marina, called Sea Hag Marine!  Dirk treated us to pizza down the road; an early valentine-day treat.

Here are our leaving shots in the morning.

Today is the miracle day on the Gulf;  barely any waves, just feeling small  bounces with little swells and then the sun came out. It is gorgeous. Still not hot mind you, I’m wearing two layers of long sleeves, but am comfortable. (It was 4 layers at the start of the day).

After lunch I relaxed on the bow seat again, and then moved up to the flybridge with my Uke so Dirk could rest. We saw more dolphins, and now jellyfish too as we get close to our next stop, Cedar Key. The shot of me below was taken on my bow seat, being lazy on this lovely day. About an hour after we anchored near the town of Cedar Key we saw a nice sunset – the first in a while.


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