More time in Tarpon Springs

February 18, 19 – Sunday, Monday in Tarpon Springs

Although we have places to go and people to see, we are really enjoying Tarpon Springs and decided to stay the rest of the week (through Thursday)  since we get 2 days free after paying for one more day.

On Sunday morning I found another Unitarian Universalist church to visit – only about 8 blocks from the marina. Unfortunately the church is undergoing massive repairs right now due a sink hole that caused major issues and the need for rebuilding a portion of their buildings. I walked about 1.5 miles to their temporary space and who did I see? Helen Ham from our church in Stow!! She and her husband Ron live in the area for about three months each year. This church has quite a thriving congregation –  the largest I’ve seen in my travels thus far. Here is photos of the historic church…

In the last few days I’ve roamed the area a bit. Here are photos of the Sponge Docks (tourist shops and Greek restaurants on the harbor)


In the downtown area there is an amazing mosaic mural honoring a woman (Mother Meres) that helped beautify the town in the late 1800’s with her gardens. Also a large Greek church.

There is an upscale area not far from the marina ….

Monday evening we joined Chris and Roger to watch the sunset at a small beach in Tarpon Springs


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