St. Petersburg Museum Day

February 27, Tuesday – St. Petersburg

The mooring area of the marina where we spent the first night back from our travels to Marathon  looked beautiful in the morning. Note the opening to the bay in one of the photos, which will become an issue later on (when winds come in from that direction).

After breakfast (still ginger, cinnamon, banana oatmeal) we took the dingy to shore and walked to the Salvador Dali museum – a work of art in itself.  It contains the largest collection of Dali’s work outside of Spain thanks to the Morses’ who were passionate collectors, and decided that their museum should be located in St. Petersburg. The collection contains works from his traditional beginnings, through his very surreal phase and then his grand religious works later in life. But I was amazed at the complex details in all he painted – tiny figures that actually made up a face from a distance for example. Thanks to  a number of docents describing the painting we also learned of the deep symbolism in the images – most of which I would have missed.

We had lunch at The Hanger – a cafe located at the local private Albert Whitted Airport next door to the museum.  The airport will also soon be hosting the Grand Prix –  grand stands were already being set up on the field. We hear that the the downtown will be very busy and noisy for that weekend (glad we won’t be there).

Dirk headed back to the marina but I was excited to see the Chihuly Collection – a master glass artisan whose work is astonishing. There was a exhibit in Boston a few years ago that I missed (but there was an example for us to see during the Lake Boon Boat Parade that year! (Lots of colorful balloons in a boat!))  I digress…

Again there was a  docent to provide background to what we were seeing including how the glass is illuminated (always from the outside) and moved to each site (individual pieces that all need to be reassembled according to details directions). And to describe how something that looks rather simple is quite challenging (glass balls).

The Glass Garden Room was about 40 feet long and contained so many glass shapes…

We were also able to view a lengthy example of glass blowing with many layers of glass to produce the multi-colored effects inside and out. It takes a lot of strength and patience from what I could see.

As I walked back to the marina I saw more examples of wall murals and building art. It’s quite the artsy city!

We joined our friends Jane and Bryce for dinner on their sailboat, also in the mooring field. It was a great last day and evening in St. Pete.

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