Enjoying Grandson!

March 7 – 14, Cape Coral FL to Lantana, Fl (and back)

My daughter asked us in January if we could take care of Arden while she and Chris went to a wedding in North Carolina and I said “of course!”.  As a result, we combined our travels with a trip north (3 hours) to Tarpon Springs to get Dirk’s permanent cap and to have lunch with our boat friends, Kris and Roger. After lunch and Dirk’s dentist appointment we drove about 5 hours to Sarah and Chris’s house in Lantana, a bit south of West Palm Beach.

I surprised our grandson Arden in the morning when he started making some noises, and then proceeded to have a great time with him for the long weekend. Sarah and Chris left Friday morning and came back late Monday afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed taking Arden to parks, making pancakes with him, and playing in the backyard, etc. Arden is full of energy and charm and made both of us laugh.

Just a few photos of joy follow. We are now back in Cape Coral and leave to head south tomorrow.

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