Everglade City – Small Town, Safe Harbor

March 21, 2018 Tuesday in Everglade City

We are docked at the Everglades Isle Marina and RV Retreat for 2 addition days due to warnings of windy weather. We arrived yesterday to lovely weather and I was wondering if we made a mistake with the reservation (verses anchoring out), but by 8pm we were very glad we were here. The wind had been picking up and by about 8:30 it was pretty strong and we started hearing thunder and seeing lightening in the distance. I went up to the sundeck and started watching the lightening and it turned into an amazing light show for about a half hour! I’ve never seen anything like it. There was one section of the sky to the northwest  where the clouds would suddenly glow brightly, and another to the north where the on/off clouds also had streaks of lightening going in all directions, up, sideways, and sometimes almost like a flow of lightening. Dirk and I watched amazed. Eventually I came in when the thunder got louder and I felt a drop and soon it was all happening here – a noisy downpour with loud lightening and strong winds. We were glad we weren’t anchored out for that!

Here are some photos I found online that show something of what we saw last night.

Today is a slow day – doing some errands and may go to a local restaurant and stop at the small grocery. The big activities around here are eating, noisy airboat rides and there’s also an operation that offers kayaking and canoeing away from town. Not sure we are up to that in today’s winds. But we have books and the internet so we are fine.

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